Now Fully Patented

This Car Seat All-In-One was invented after raising a child in the age of the Teddy and whilst dealing with a lifted truck. I was always suspicious of the bacteria to be found on public changing tables and devised a way to take one with me. As well, inserting and removing a car seat from the dock in a lifted truck was not without effort, especially for a mother that was 5′-2″ tall. This problem is also reconciled using this invention as it ejects into a stroller, along with having a built-in high chair (with or without a tray) and changing table. The device also converts to a carriage and has drawers for cream and diapers and accessories that allow the seat to be used as a swing and jogging stroller. Why have a house full of separate devices when you only need one.

As well, this seat transforms to grow with the child up to the point where they are using the vehicle’s seat belt.

The patent has been issued at this time and is FOR SALE.