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Intelligently Designed, Accurately Documented, Punctually Prepared


The mission is to intelligently design a beautiful project using the utmost accuracy in documentation with punctuality necessary to meet reasonable expectations.

My name is Mark Farrar and I am the owner of Knot Square Design, LLC and yes, I live up here in Montana. I have been designing mainly custom homes since 1996. Once I completed high school, I ventured out of Montana to explore. In Southern California, I demonstrated a proclivity for architecture and won a few design competitions. Moving on to Arizona State University for both Architecture and Structural Engineering, I brought with me knowledge of computer aided design and helped establish the program at that university.

I operated the largest residential design firm in Arizona during the housing boom of the late 90’s, early 2000’s out of Flagstaff, a high altitude area that reminded me of my home state in many ways.

The experience I gained working in such a design rich, code hungry and fast pace environment really took me to another level that I could likely have not achieved otherwise. This allowed me to work with many alternative building systems and sustainable methods that have greatly evolved over time. I freely share my knowledge on my website when have time to add content, and genuinely care about my clients and their families.

While my portfolio may show off some of the more elegant homes, know that I work with people from all walks of life and have a history of generating custom, yet practical homes for builders as well. I have owned a construction company, and built some very nice custom homes, along with a couple of successful spec homes and my own home. While I no longer build, I will consider managing projects for people that are enthusiastic about building green.

24.04.21 Infancy Of Steel Catwalk

24.04.13 Belshe Review

24.04.10 Walkthrough for Don

24.03.28 Peck Framing Walk-thru

Peck CA Support-Bsmnt Brng Wall, Stringer, Flr Surfaces, Siding, Wall Anomoly

Video Produced to Assist Montana Rockworks in Estimating Stone Needed for the Residential Build in M