Below is a list of the different services that can be provided through Knot Square Design for residential projects.

This list may not be exclusive, and additional services may be available upon request.

What is shown here does not represent the process and is in no certain order.

Drafting Tools

Design of New Homes, Remodels and Additions

  • Onsite Consultation– to determine services available or to be supplied to the plot, orientation, general topography, views, exposures, access, etc. The discovery and establishment of the Design Criteria.
  • Questionnaire– is supplied to assist in determining the elements of the home and help ensure nothing is overlooked.
  • Retaining of Services– to determine a Scope of Work, generate and sign a contract.
  • Initiating Design– using a bubble diagram to establish a list of major rooms and flow patterns.
  • Space Plan– to give shape and scale to the Bubble Diagram and start to show rough walls and openings.
  • Preliminary Design– adding wall thickness, spatial relationships, ceiling heights, floor levels and deeper consideration of outdoor areas. This includes the addition of doors and windows, roof configuration and on more complex projects, a concept model often with topography if a survey has been acquired.
  • Final Design Development– Elevations come to life as we determine what materials will be used, interior design details for fireplaces, hand rails, fenestration trim, sill details and lighting,
  • Final Design Approval Letter (FDAL)– the signing of this document confirms that you are happy with the design and allows me to move on to the structural drawings.
  • Construction Documentation– fully dimensioning the floor plans, specifications on the elevations, and the development of the framing, foundation and site plan. This also includes the generation of sections, note sheets, architectural as well as structural details and the mechanical, electrical and plumbing drawings.
  • Energy Efficiency Evaluation– specification of the actual HVAC unit, water heater, solar systems (passive and collective), lumens, insulation, air tightness, appliances, etc. to come up with an anticipated performance value.
  • Final Review– a meeting with you and your builder (if you have one) to go over the plans prior to sending them out for reproduction and then out to bid and for permitting.
  • Permit Submittal– Surrender of the plans along with a fee to the governing jurisdiction for approval.
  • Material Takeoff– provision of a list of materials, their type and quantity, to build the home.
  • Preliminary Inspections– site visits subsequent to or in prelude to a scheduled Building Inspector’s inspection to look at respect  for design intent and code compliance.
  • Project Observation & Reporting– includes the Preliminary Inspections and also walking, photographing and documenting the job site progress and coherence to the plan and design intent. A report is generated after each site visit. Historically, this service has been utilized most frequently by owners living at a distance from their project.
  • Project Management– This includes the Final Review, Permit Submittal, Material Takeoff, Preliminary Inspections, Project Observation & Reporting as well as handling negotiations with the Building Department and the Contractor(s) during construction.