UL (Underwriters’ Laboratories)– An independent testing agency that checks electrical devices and other components for possible safety hazards.

Uncoupling Membranes– a polyethylene matting set in place with thinset mortar to protect moisture sensitive substrates. (e.g. Schluter-DITRA & DITRA XL).

Undercoat– A coating applied prior to the finishing or top coats of a paint job. It may be the first of two or the second of three coats. Sometimes called the Prime coat.

Underground plumbing– The plumbing drain and waste lines that are installed beneath a basement floor.

Underlayment- A ΒΌ” material placed over the subfloor plywood sheeting and under finish coverings, such as vinyl flooring, to provide a smooth, even surface. Also a secondary roofing layer that is waterproof or water-resistant, installed on the roof deck and beneath shingles or other roof-finishing layer.

Union– A plumbing fitting that joins pipes end-to-end so they can be dismantled.

Utility easement– The area of the earth that has electric, gas, or telephone lines. These areas may be owned by the homeowner, but the utility company has the legal right to enter the area as necessary to repair or service the lines.